REmanufacture. REfurbish. REbuild.

JARP/RE is our 20-year old dedicated cylinder remanufacturing department. With dedicated employees and equipment in a 25,000 sq. ft. stand-alone facility we produce over 7,000 remanufactured hydraulic cylinders per year.

Advantages of JARP OE capabilities and experience

  • Able to remanufacture cylinders made by JARP and other manufacturers
  • Ability to reverse engineer any cylinder back to OE specifications
  • Able to suggest improvements over OE design
  • Solve common field failures
  • Only OEM certified parts are used
  • Utilize JARP purchasing leverage to provide better raw materials at a more competitive price
  • ISO registered quality control system that provides a one-year warranty
  • Savings on remanufactured cylinders are, on average, more than 30% less than new

Benefits of dedicated facility, staff and equipment

  • Our remanufacturing customers are top priority
  • No conflicts with JARP manufacturing facility
  • Full support from JARP engineering, quality and purchasing resources
  • Quick turnaround time, every time

Value of remanufacturing, refurbishing, or rebuilding with JARP/RE

  • Provides a lower cost alternative than producing a new product
  • Extends life of existing equipment
  • Same warranty as new cylinder
  • Shorter lead time than new products
  • Proper disposal of used parts

Positive Environmental Impact

  • Less energy consumed than in new product manufacturing process
  • Ability to reuse existing products
  • Less waste stemming from improper disposal of used parts