Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Process

Designed to produce a wide variety of fluid power products of exceptional quality both quickly and consistently

Our hydraulic manufacturing process is designed to build a wide variety of custom hydraulic cylinders. We have no minimum order or delivery requirements, so we are able to take on orders that other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers will not. Created to be especially nimble and flexible, our process handles many different types of orders that are produced at the same time. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our promise to deliver exceptional custom fluid power products on time, in spec and on budget. We do this by maintaining the latest manufacturing technology and techniques coupled with lean principles.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

From raw materials to finished product, our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing process is vertically integrated. This provides us with control and flexibility to not only maintain a high quality standard, but ensure cost control and on-time delivery. JARP is a hydraulics manufacturer that keeps your bottom line in mind.

CNC Machining

To minimize production steps and make our process cost-effective, our hydraulic cylinders manufacturing facility has the latest technology. We utilize CNC equipment ranging from 6 axis machining centers to lathes with live tooling capable of turning 32” diameters and 35' lengths.

Welding Process

JARP is a leader in custom welded cylinders. Our welding process includes manual (hard wire and flux core), semiautomated, robotic and friction welding, giving us the flexibility to customize the welding process to the application. This results in superior, stronger welds and a more efficient, cost-effective process.

Custom Finishing

Our cellular assembly process improves speed and delivery, while lowering costs and improving quality. In addition, our custom paint process provides prime and finish coats that allow you to put our products onto your equipment right from the pallet. From start to finish, JARP is the hydraulics manufacturer for your customized solution.