Hydraulic Engineering Expertise

Experience combined with design optimization that delivers value and safety

Whether we take on full hydraulic cylinder design responsibility, design to your specifications or somewhere in between, our hydraulic engineering team of certified fluid power specialists works together with your team—engineer to engineer—to design and develop a custom hydraulic cylinder that will meet your specific application requirements. From large bore, telescopic hydraulic cylinders and mill type cylinders to double-acting cylinders, our team has a custom cylinder solution for you.

With our extensive application experience, our engineers understand how our cylinders integrate into your equipment. You don't have to be hydraulic engineering experts, because we are. We consult on-site, if necessary, to troubleshoot systems and ensure performance. We validate product design, materials and workmanship as part of the prototype process. In addition, 100% of designs are reviewed for appropriate safety factors and industry regulations.

Hydraulic Cylinder Design Technology

Our latest hydraulic cylinder design technology, including SolidWorks 3D design software, ensures efficiency and accuracy, and is easily integrated into pre-production models. In addition, our finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities and destructive life cycle testing capabilities ensure that the design will meet or exceed all application demands in the field. We’re known for expert mobile hydraulic cylinder design. Plus, our metallurgy experience and equipment allow us to work with a wide range of materials and processes.

Welding Expertise

Our engineering staff includes a certified weld inspector, and our welders go through our in-house welder training to ensure conformity to all welding specifications like AWS D1.1, ASME Sec.IX and others. From manual (hard wire and flux core) and semi-automated welding to robotic and friction welding, JARP has a welding process for your custom welded cylinder needs.

Destructive Life Cycle Testing

We’re able to help take the risk out of making the switch to JARP for your custom cylinder needs by providing you with optional destructive life cycle testing. This testing is performed and managed completely by JARP engineers, so you don't need to involve your engineers, or a third party, in a lengthy testing process.

We’re capable of performing an SAE J-214/134 test and routinely customize testing to meet customer requirements.