Bringing the sum of our core capabilities to your next hydraulic application

What sets us apart from other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers isn’t just one single capability. It’s the sum of all our capabilities that makes us hydraulic cylinder experts. Flexible and agile, we provide custom hydraulic solutions specifically targeted to your needs versus an out-of-the-box solution that applies to all.

Our engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing process and delivery advantage coupled with quality control and reliability testing—are why the industry leaders in several markets prefer JARP for their custom hydraulic cylinder needs.

Mobile Hydraulic Cylinder Market Leader

When it comes to the mobile hydraulic cylinder market, our custom welded cylinders are superior for many construction, utility, forestry, material-handling, oil-and-gas, marine and mining equipment applications. If you require a construction-grade cylinder that can fit in the tightest of spaces and perform exceptionally in the harshest of environments, look no further than JARP Industries for your custom hydraulic cylinder solution.

Now Offering Large Bore, Telescopic Cylinders

With our asset purchase agreement of Ordered Motion Systems, Inc. (OMS), JARP is now offering large bore, telescopic cylinders. Manufactured primarily for the oil and gas industries, these cylinders play a key role in large, complex applications such as mast and substructure raising and walking systems, drilling rig erection, and oil pumping. Their maximum size strokes of up to 90' and bores of up to 40" make them well suited to other markets as well, such as industrial, civil and defense engineering and mobile construction.